I am looking for help in ideas to create 360 coverage when commuting. I was cut off by a UPS truck and slammed into him at 21 mph crunching my titus rx frame. I still have memory probs, knee probs, missing teeth and a lot of anger. I was in TN on a bike route when he cut me off in my lane s I looked at my GPS. Understand, no one is safer than I (Helmet, gloves, spinal backpack). I had DINO 400 flashing in both the front and rear (high) and he passed, cut me off, with no room to go to either side (I admit, all I saw was brown). So my next step is to set amber lights somehow to side (hopefully small but bright, and increase lumens in front and rear. I am a CPT in the Army, already suffering a bad left knee before having my left knee cap torn forward, having my t4,5,6 mod to severely displaced, broken jar 3 x, lost tooth affecting speech, . 10 pieces of metal extracted from underneath my tongue, just to name some of the damage suffered. I had just returned from Kandahar and am trying to rehabilitate back to readiness, while trying to find a job. So if anyone has some thoughts about setting up a 360 light set up, please advice. I am looking for low cost solutions and possible an expert who could help me with 2 lights I built, but half as solder, switch job makes it unreliable. Lastly, good to be back on forum....My peers say geek, I say they lack enlightenment.