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    Flight 2.0 (HID) vs Trinewt input?

    Trying to decide between the NR flight 2.0 vs the NR Trinewt for my brighter light. I already have a L&M Solo and need to replace my old HID. Anyone have experience with the Flight? A friend has the trinewt and it seems very bright for an LED, although I know the Flight is much brighter - opinions?


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    I wouldn't say the flight is brighter than a trinewt. The trinewt has an awesome combination between spot and spill. The flight is just another HID from niterider, a little spotty and about as bright. You might be thinking about the Slickrock HID which is definately brighter.

    Personally I wouldn't bother with HID anymore. There's LED that are just as bright for the same money, minus the flickering light on bumps and spendy $90 lamps that let you down in the middle of nowhere. Srlsy, what's your contingency if you bulb goes bye-bye in the middle of a forest? LED backup?

    You can't turn HIDs on/off or dim them down for trailside work. Battery life is what it is on full high or close to it. No such limitations with LED.

    At this point I'd only buy an HID if I could get it at clearance for ultra-cheap. That said the P7 flashlights for $40 absolutely kill for dollars/lumens. And no spendy bulbs!

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    I agree completely with Deme Moore's post.

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    I have both and really dont see going back to HID. The HID is a bit brighter but hardley noticeable. The LED is quick on and off, great pattern and no funny color flickers ( could just be me) As said above, Cheap, get the HID, full pop, go LED.
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