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    New question here. Experience with VDO MC1.0 Wireless Cyclometer w/ Altimeter?

    Any? or better go with Garmin Edge 205?
    Thanks in advance

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    I have the VDO MC1.0+ which is the wireless version. I like it very much. Because of the altimeter it has the ability to measure the % inclination during a climb which is an interesting way to measure performance.

    It also has the ability to keep track of two separate wheel sets. I use the same computer head on both a touring bike and a mountain bike. A second setup consisting of magnet, sensor/transmitter and handlebar mount costs only about $20US delivered.

    I will say that sometimes some spurious data gets in...Like it will suddenly read 68 mph for a few seconds and then return to something sensible. Maybe this doesn't happen with the wired model.

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    I have the MC 1.0+ wireless did more of 4 years ago and I'm very happy with him, very accuracy and more data at the same time on the display, how cyclecomputer are a excellent option.

    I in your case I will bought the VDO without doubt.

    Greetings - Saludos

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    My concern with investing in an altimeter is the accuracy on a bike. Many of the reports I've read indicate to me that it is not good for riding: barometric pressurechanges/weather and the constant need of calibration with fast changing altitude on long steep pitches. What's different with the VDO MC1.0 ???????
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