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    Dual Achesalot optic selection?

    Hi all - I'm building a dual achesalot design for helmet use, and ordered some optics, mainly because I couldn't make up my mind on what I needed.

    I also plan on building a second dual or triple, for use on the handlebar.

    Here's what I have coming to me from cutter (all ledil optics):
    one 9deg CRS-D
    two 7deg CRS-SS
    one 6deg CRS-RS

    I was originally thinking I'd use the pair of 7deg on the hemet and the 9 and 6 on the bar, but I'm beginning to think that I didn't get enough variation in what I ordered.

    So - out of what I have coming, what would be best on the helmet, and then what would be best for the bar. And then second, what would be best if I don't have what you think I need?

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    I'm using a 2 medium lens's and one SS on my triple. I get some nice spill to the sides and just enough light down range to see for all but downhill speeds.I could have gone with one medium, 2 SS for more light down range. In the twisty bits though it's great.
    My helmet setup is 2 SS lenses and I get some good range with those with not much spill.Overall a nice combination for Eastern riding.
    You almost always want more flood on the bars, it helps you see around corners.You might be a bit narrow on the bars with too little side spill, but I think you're good to go on your head.

    Eric S

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    been there

    Alot of guys have been down this path. What is the correct optic

    I ended up selecting the 9 degree CR-S

    here is a link to the beam shot. Works very well. Any angle less and I think you will have too narrow of a beam.

    DIY done cheap

    The first beam shot to come up is with dual 9 degree optics (not 7 degrees like what is posted. I'm not able to edit this thread any longer or I would make the correction). The Leds are Q5s.

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    I have one triple cree on the bars with 2 x 15 degree and 1 x 9 degree and one triple SSC on the helmet with 2 x 15 degrees and 1 x 6 degrees. This works really well I think.

    But - if(when) I make my next lights I think I'll try with a little narrower beam on the head and a little wider beam on the bars.

    FWIW - Lupines site states that the wilma and betty have 15 and 16 degree beams, respectively.

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    I have one triple that I built and the 9 degree is really good on the bars. On the double I built Cutter messed up and sent me two 4 degrees and no doubt it was too tight without enough spill. I've since replaced one with a 9 degree and it's still a little light on the spill, so I'm going to try one 15 degree and one 4 degree. I like how far down the trail the 4 degree goes, but you really need more spill when you're in the techie stuff.
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    It's always best to order a few extra lenses so that you can experiment. That's the one of the really cool aspects of building your own LED light. If you buy a light from a manufacturer, you just get what they sold you. I personally like (2x15, 1x5) in the Triple SSCs that I've built lately. The Triple Cree with (2x9, 1x4) is a little tight for my tastes, but probably good as a helmet light in a helmet/bar combo. I'd definitely go with (2x15, 1x5) or thereabouts, on the bar. But above all, experiment.

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    I'm ordering 2x15, 1x9, 1x7, 1x6... more than I need, but they (Ledil square optics for Crees) aren't too expensive, and being able to find the perfect pattern is worth the extra bit of money. Plus I will probably be able to use more of them when/if I make a second light.

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