Wow, I went for a short jaunt (6.1 mile round trip) with my son today on our bikes, to the local lake park and back. I was just sorta fooling around, randomly switching my lights on and off here and there, my son likes to do the same thing also (his bike has some of my earlier light designs). Some guy on foot was flagging me down. Well, I pulled over, and he was going on and on and on about how my lights were the brightest he’d ever seen. He wondered where I’d got them from, of course I insisted that although they were my own designs, I was influenced by the fine folks who contribute to the Lights DIY forum. The front light was “only” a dual 3-up CREE XP-G (each triple run off of it’s own 1A 3023 Buckpuck, perhaps 2,200+ lumens), and of course the rear is the dual “mystery” (9-emitter per module) red thingy that outputs more than 800 lumens of very very very red light.

So, thumbs up to you all.