Look like Cree has boosted the output on the XP-G2's

On the LED front, Cree has completed the requisite 6000 hours of LM-80 testing for the XP-G2 LEDs and documented 7% better performance than specified at launch. Warm-white 3000K LEDs deliver 142 lm/W at a hot 85°C operating temperature and 350 mA of drive current. That number goes up to 155 lm/W at low temperature.

"We looked at many different LEDs but selected the XP-G2 LED because of its high performance and proven reliability," said Amy Casper, CEO of Ephesus Lighting. "We are excited that the XP-G2 LED is now even brighter. Cree’s leading-edge technology is one of the key elements in our products, allowing us to offer market-leading performance to our customers in both the industrial and sport lighting industries."

The LM-80 data also foretells excellent lifetime for the XP-G2 LEDs. TM-21 projections indicate an L85 lifetime in excess of 36,000 hours at the maximum drive current of 1.5A

LEDs Magazine - Cree extends XP-G2 LED performance, gains Energy Star lamp approval