CREE XM-L T6 emitter
LED Driver Circuit Board for Cree MC-E / SSC P7 5.5-12V

I cleaned up the back of the emitter with 600grit wet and dry paper.
Soldered on some short flying leads to the tiny top contacts with fine gauge wire
Glued it to the heatsink post in the light housing with artic silver thermal epoxy
soldered the original power lead to the flying leads

trimmed the back of the reflector to fit the bulky wiring

assembled with an an extra o-ring between the front of the bezel and the glass in order to push the reflector up tight to the emitter. This is going to be a helmet light, the driver will be mounted in a separate enclosure with a momentary switch, the battery will be carried in my back pack.

I'm still waiting for my 7.4v 4000mah LiPo to arrive but in the meantime, I've connected it up to the 9.6v NiMH battery pack from my old lights. It's bright but when I tested it with my multimeter I'm only reading a Vf of 2.5v. The driver was getting really hot so I tried with a 4.8v pack and while the driver stayed cool Vf was only 2.38v I tried hooking the driver up to an XR-E and measured a Vf of 3.0v. sccording to Cree's datasheet this is less than 150ma, instead of the 2800ma on the driver spec?