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    cateye charger question

    So I messed up and forget to take my cateye battery off the charger before I went to bad last night. I am a little confused as to how smart the smart charger really is that came with the HL-EL700RC Triple shot, and HLEL710RC double shot lights. When the green light comes on does the charger stop charging the battery or is it just an indicating light to tell you when to take the battery off the charger. How bad did I screw up.

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    I think you're ok...

    I used to have a DoubleShot and I believe once a full charge is reached the charger goes into something like a trickle mode. You should be ok, but, if all else fails, read the instructions eh?

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    You’ll be fine.

    I’m not sure what the charger actually does once the Green light turns on to indicate that the charging has completed, but I assume the charger is a “smart enough” charger to deal with it properly.


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    yeah its fine with this charger.

    What exactly is a rigid hard tail?

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