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    Battery pack help

    The battery that came with my Nightlightning Iblaast 1X has stopped working and I was looking for some advice, or maybe a link to an answer. I'm in the UK and sending Li ion batteries back to NZ is a pain.
    The connector seems to be fine but the battery just won't accept a charge.
    The battery started to play up a few months back but I could get it working again by connecting back up to the light briefly and turning it on and it would then accept a charge.
    The battery would then, when charged last as long as it did when new, 18 months ago so I am very confident the cells haven't died.
    I know very little about batteries so could do with some advice, on how to get it going or what to look for, I'm a quick learner. Maybe there's someone UK based who would be interesting in taking a look for me for some LED or beer money.
    The charger still charges my 4 year old Battery that came with my original IBlaast, so I know that works fine.
    I could do without the expense of another 100 on a battery pack that I think can be fixed.

    It is a sanyo battery, 14.8v 8cell 5200mAh built into a fibreglass cylindrical tube


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    2 easy things before you start pulling things apart

    • does the light work with the old battery ?
    • What voltage is the faulty battery showing ? Easiest way is to use a plug with free wires to hook up to your multimeter.

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    as long as there's no intermittent break in the connectors (light goes off if you wiggle the cable), it sounds like the protection board (PCB) is on the blink. If what find_bruce suggested draws a blank, the easiest way to test that is to check each cell in the battery (should be between 3 and 4.2V and within 0.1V of each other) and then bypass the PCB by wiring it directly to the light cable (be very very careful to maintain the correct polarity). If the light then works and the battery starts accepting a charge, you've found your culprit.

    then post back and people can make suggestions as to suitable replacements (also check Batteryspace for ideas).

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    I haven't dealt with them, but only heard good things about Nightlightning's customer service. Have you asked them for advice?


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    Thanks for the replies. I opened it up today and nothing obvious, so I got in touch with MTB batteries in the UK. I have sent it to them to have a look as they were very helpful on email. Said that the batteries may be out of balance or a pcb board problem as suggested by Matt, but they will have a good look . I'll report back when I have an answer. Nightlightning are very helpful and offered to have a look but sending the batteries to NZ is now a pain due to new restrictions. If it transpires that the board is faulty I'll get back in touch with Eric at NL to get a replacement sent. . If the batteries are out of balance I'm not sure what happens then. Thanks again to all

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    If the PBC is wonky then you're safe, if the batteries are out of balance then you're in a bit of a trouble since I assume you don't have a hobby charger. Replacing the PCB shouldn't be too hard especially if you own a soldering iron. It' probbably only 4 wires to desolder/solder. But if you do have a hobby charger and soldering iron you shoul solder a balance harness to the pach and balance charge it. If not, you should be able to find somon who does and will do it for you for a sixpack of beer. It also might be time to change those cells since it's possible that one ore more cells are no longer holding charge.

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