Ive been browsing the forums now for awhile, and still think its difficult to find some basics.

I wanted to know if you all thought a sticky or several stickies could be started to include the following.

1. LED's:
What are the newest, which are the brightest, etc
What exactly does bin differences mean, and how to determine what you need/want.
How to determine heat sinking, etc for the different types of LED's
How to read and understand the data sheets

2. Drivers:
What are the differences between drivers boost/buck?
When would you design using a boost vs a buck, etc.
How to determine the size of driver you need, etc

3. Wiring/Electrical:
When would you run a series circuit vs a parallel circuit.
How to determine watts/amps/voltage, etc., and how to apply them to your design.
How to determine what size batteries you need. Voltage, Amp Hours, etc.
What are the differences between the different battery technologies (Lithium Ion, Nickel Metal hydride, etc), and why one works better, worse than the other, etc.

4. Optics

5. Assembly:
Share Do's, and Dont's and lessons learned, etc.

I know this may be asking to much, just seems like it would be a valuable resource.