Some Honzo ridin'

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  • 08-09-2012
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    The Honzo being tested by a 12yo!
    Definitely looks like wagon wheels now!
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  • 08-14-2012
    awesome bike, gnarly vids, rad music, quality thread
  • 09-06-2012
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    Not the clearest shot but you get the "picture"!
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  • 09-07-2012
    ^ Loving your changes with the white Chromags, and the white/red Charger Pros. Looks excellent!!!
  • 09-22-2012
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    A Pictorial (Story) Part 1
    I recently went on a mini vacation.
    The first stop was Squamish.
    Then on to the Sunshine Coast. (There'll be videos from that portion in the near future.)

    The pictures here tell of my ride in Squamish.
    This is all shot on the GoPro from several different mountings.

    This is a new climbing trail in the Diamond Head trail area. It is very well built and the grade isn't too strenuous. It is way better than climbing up the dirt road and choking on shuttler's dust!
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    Enjoying the view.
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    Climbing up from Ring Creek crossing.
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    Ripping STP. This is a shared moto/mtb trail.
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    STP. Some pretty tech climbing sections!
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    STP. Out in the clear cut nearing the end of the major climbing.
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    On Hoods In The Woods connector getting close to the main descent on Somewhere Over There.
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    Continued in Part 2 below.
  • 09-22-2012
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    Part 2
    Now onto the main descent on Somewhere Over There.

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    More hauling!
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    Uh, Panty Line? Uh, no!
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    Into the rock faces!
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    Almost a tilt shift shot with the GoPro.
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    And, if the plain rock faces were't enough a ladder is thrown into the middle of one!
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    Yep, still on rock.
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    Continued in Part 3 below.
  • 09-22-2012
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    Part 3
    The descending on Somewhere Over There continues!

    This corner has high consequences if you don't turn enough!
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    Now onto the bridge section of the trail.
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    And, some more.
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    The last bridge before a short up.
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    More fast loamy goodness to be had!
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    And a great view to finish the trail off with Mt Mamquam in the distance.
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    A burn down an old logging road into town to finish the ride off!
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    The Honzo continues to surprise me with what it can ride! The frame is solid!
    The parts (wheels and fork) are definitely being pushed past their limits sometimes!

    I hope you enjoyed the ride!
  • 09-23-2012
    Nice pictures and action!
  • 09-23-2012
    Outstanding videos and pics!! Honzo will be my next bike!
  • 09-25-2012
    Great pics. Great bike.
  • 09-26-2012
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    A Rockwork Orange
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    Babylon By Bike
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    This last pic is from a ride yesterday. 1035m/3400ft of climbing for some solid tech descending. I worked the Revelation hard on this ride. My wrists still hurt!
  • 09-27-2012
    Some Honzo Chargin'
    <iframe src=";color=e84925" width="800" height="450" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

    I worked the Revelation on this ride!
    My wrists were hurting hard the next day!
  • 09-27-2012
    From today's ride.
    A sweet trail just out my front door.
  • 09-27-2012
    Singlespeed McGee
    The part where you got wedged underneath the tree was pretty awesome, haha :thumbsup:
  • 12-04-2012
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    Those trails look sweet. I made it to Squamish this summer with my Honzo. Haven't made it up to Whistler with it yet. Any way one Honzo rider can get a tour from a another Honzo rider? :thumbsup:

    Here's me ripping my honzo in my woods.
  • 12-16-2012

    Originally Posted by RideEverything View Post
    Just changed out the stock Maxxis Ardent tires to Schwalbe Hans Dampf 2.35 front and Nobby Nic 2.35 rear.

    So any updates to these tires? Still loving them?

    I'm itching to buy some new rubber for next season and I'm stuck looking at the HD/NN combo. But I think I'd go with the 2.25 NN rear just in case. My recent rides with the 2.4/2.25 Ardents in the mud have been quite eye opening for me, especially since the Ardents have been killer in the dry summer riding months.
  • 01-13-2013
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    Riding in the Chuckanut Mountains today.
  • 01-15-2013

    I've only ridden Chukanut once and it was rather lacklustre. But I was trying to find my own way around with no tips on where to go.
    Your pics show that there is a lot that I missed out on!
  • 01-15-2013
    Yeah, the Chuckanuts have some sweet trails. you just gotta find 'em. Ever been to Blanchard Mountain just south of the Chuckanuts? Some good stuff over there as well. There's trails being built to connect the two. If you ever want a tour, drop a line. I'll show you the goods.
  • 01-17-2013

    Originally Posted by playdead View Post
    Yeah, the Chuckanuts have some sweet trails. you just gotta find 'em. Ever been to Blanchard Mountain just south of the Chuckanuts? Some good stuff over there as well. There's trails being built to connect the two. If you ever want a tour, drop a line. I'll show you the goods.

    No I haven't.
    I've ridden a few times at Galbraith. On the last few bike trips it has just been a day stop/ride when coming through Bellingham and we chose Galbraith because we knew where to ride.

    Thanks for the offer! I/we may have to take you up on that the next time we head down that way!
  • 01-17-2013
    I love chuckanut!

    Galbaith is rad too....obviously!
    Chucknaut has more steep loamy downhill....even some steep shore singletrack stuff. Love the rock staircase up against the cliff, between raptor and salal.
    The building scene in B-ham is so cool.... props
    If you guys are ever around seattle and want a locals tour, lemme know.

    Playdead, too bad last weekend didn't work out, we'll do some riding for sure.

    Rode the Honzo again tonight, loving it!
  • 04-06-2013
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    Dusting the winter cobwebs off...
    ...and trying to remember how flow on the bike!
    The first ride of the season yesterday down in Squamish as the snow has yet to melt out in the valley in Whistler. Although, I've been checking the trails in my neighbourhood and it'll only take about a week if the warm weather and rain keep up! :)

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  • 04-12-2013
    how does the bike climb? does anyone happen to know how much the whole bike build weight on Kona website? thank you
  • 04-22-2013
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    First log ride drop of the season.

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  • 04-25-2013
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    Some fancy post-process photo trickery.

    Funny how the camera makes it not look steep or all that tech.
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