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    Chris Bling
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    Showing off my "new" Coiler

    Hey Everyone,

    Just figured I would throw this thread up here to show off my new old bike.

    Long story short, I had a 07 Coiler back in 07 and stupidly sold it. Since then I never thought I would ever find a 07 in decent shape.....

    Well luck had it that I actually found one in killer shape and for a killer deal. I am not sure if the guy even rode it! I swapped most of the stuff with the parts I had on another bike and this is how it turned out. I am loving it! Perhaps even more than I did in 07 because I appreciate it more

    Here is some picsShowing off my "new" Coiler-img-20130606-00475.jpgShowing off my "new" Coiler-img-20130606-00479.jpg
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    Nice ride! Tough bikes. Shred that thing!

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    Congrats!!! The 07 Coiler was the best ever before Kone released the new Process. I too ignorantly sold my 07 when I lost my job to pay rent and gotta say I would never do it again. I was lucky like you to find another, but havent had the $ to build it yet. Enjoy the heII out of it!!

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