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    Process 153 frame - maintain / rebuild pivots

    Hi folks,

    I have searched far and wide but have not found anything - does anyone have or can point me towards any information on the recommended maintenance/torque settings for the Process 153 rear end? Also an exploded parts diagram?



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    I emailed Kona about torque settings for my 134 and someone else did for their 111. Both have the same torque specs, so I'd assume they go for the 153 as well.

    Torque settings for Kona Process 111 suspension.


    22 newton metres rocker pivots
    22 newton metres seat stay pivots
    32 newton metres main pivots
    10 newton metres shock bolts


    200 inch-pounds rocker pivots
    200 inch-pounds seat stay pivots
    290 inch-pounds main pivots
    90 inch-pounds shock bolts

    As for taking the rear end apart, the assembly is pretty simple, just a single axle bolt with 2 spacers. When you take the rear end apart, pay attention to the orientation of the spacers and reassemble the same way.

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    Thanks! That's very useful - Max

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