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    Greetings peeps! I just picked up this 2000 Kona Blast a couple days ago. It appears to be all stock and in pretty good shape for a 16 year old bike. I'll be looking to replace the fork and probably the brakes too. Didn't cost me anything since I traded an old laptop I laying around that I no longer used.

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    Hello from Finland. Introduction for my first Kona! Or to be correct, my first Kona was 12 years ago Dew Plus, but I sold that long time ago. After that I have been playing with motorbikes and found my way back to bicycles about two years ago. I started with Mondraker fullsuspension and after that fell in love with steel. I had Ragley Piglet 2 and good collection of Surly's. Now it has been time to clean garage and Surly ICT was only one to stay.

    Two week's ago I made quick decision and bought 2nd hand Kona Raijin 2014 frame with Carver Trail fork. It's been ridden about 2k km by the first owner. I took the bike in parts, washed everything, greased Chris King headset installed parts I had laying around from previous bikes. I ordered new wheelset which arrived last week. Some other part's are still coming and later this week I should be able to finish this build. I'm super excited about result! Here is one shot for a mockup at livingroom corner.

    Post your Kona's!(and introduce yourself)-fullsizerender-63-.jpg

    I'm hoping to end up with "below 10kg" rigid singlespeed with Schwalbe Ice Spiker for this winter. In the spring I'm planning to change 1x10 for summertime.
    Surly ICT
    Kona Raijin

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    THought I'd share my Kona... My "adventure bike". It's a 2000 Kona Cinder Cone built with donated parts and whatever I had in the garage...

    Post your Kona's!(and introduce yourself)-thumbnail_img_1513.jpg

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