I have just purchased a 2005 Dawg Dee-Lux in in really nice shape, cheap.
My goal when I purchased this bike was to use it as an inexpensive back-up bike or as an extra bike to have around for friends, ect. The bike works great but I have found the old straight tube geometry to be a bit taller than I would prefer as it is an 18" frame. I wish it was the 17" but the price was too right to pass on. The spec on this bike is really pretty good and everything works as it should. The bike is lighter than I expected (28.6lbs) for it's day given 2005 was the first year Kona bumped the Dawg's suspension up to 5".

My primary bike is a 2008 Giant Trance XO size Small. I can not ever see myself parting with this bike. I once owned a 2005 Giant Trance 3 but instead of looking for another one I got the Kona and an extra inch of travel and a sub 30lb bike with mucho better spec all around but mostly this was purely a weight issue as the older Trances were a bit heavy.

On to the issue at hand. I think I would like to transfer my Dawg Dee-Lux's components to a 2009 Kona One20 Supreme frame. Very nice light weight Scandium frame with much better stand over due to the curved tubing. I have everything I need including a nice Bontrager Rythm Elite TLR wheelset for the build. If it's a worthwhile build, what is the most you would pay for a Dawg or One20 frame of say the 2008-2009 vintage? I think given the parts I have I may be able to build a decent budget trail rig that should be at or just over 27lbs. My goal is to have a budget friendly relatively light weight all day fun and plush do it all kind of bike. My Dawg Dee-Lux does fit this bill now, but I really just want better stand over height which is why I need to know if my ideas are worth pursuing. Also, if any of you have a 17" or 18" frame that would work for my build please PM me...