Good Evening Everyone

I am new to this site but I would share one of my favorite rides which is from Kona. It is a 1997 Kilaeua. My love for Kona came from their great frames made in 1997 which were exclusively made of Reynolds steels, the Explosif in 853 and the Kilaeua in 631. Many people who had these bikes, only said good things about them. My search began with an Explosif but seeing too many frames badly scratched, rusted and the paint in bad shape, I switched to the Kilaeua, I found in great condition at a very reasonable price. I didn't want a suspended fork, so I want a carbon rigid one, the headset, the stem, the bar, the grips and the seat post are from Ritchey,the saddle is the flite, the wheels are new old stock mavic xm 819 v brake with dt hubs and dt aerolite spokes. The transmision, the pedals and the V brakes are the shimano XT 780 T group.For tires, I went with Continetal Mountainking Protection in 26* 2.2, total weight of the bike 10.6kilos. The bike rides extremely fast and secure.Her are some pics of it