Wohoo, was super lucky to get hold of Process 153DL 2015. Frame is just the same as 2014, but there is changes with specs. Biggest being that drivetrain is 1x11, also handlebar has 0.5 inch more rise. Other Hubs are better in my opinion and in general looks better with black spokes and cool colours on the saddle. Surprise is that the green color on the bike exactly the same as in 2014 model.

Did the last enduro race of the season with it last weekend. It's really good. I like the handlebar better, but the x01 drivetrain was the biggest surprise. It's clearly more quiet and of course was really nice when we had to pedal up to some of the stages.

Photo from the race
Kona Process 153 2015-tahkophoto2014.jpg

Process 153DL 2015, wheels are not the ones that come with the bike, I use this lighter set for racing and trail riding.
Kona Process 153 2015-process2015.jpg