I'm new here and need some experts to chime in. I have been riding a Fire Mountain since 2000, been on a Mountain bike in some shape or form from the age of 11. I absolutely love my Kona, the Fire Mountain was one of the only models I could afford at the time. I rode it passionately for 5 years straight, upgraded what I could, Shocks tires and odds and ends. I got Married in 2005, my wife did not have the passion for the outdoors like I do, so the bike has sat for the last 10 plus years. This year it has made its return, I replaced lots of parts but after putting the miles on it, I realized its a 13 year old bike that has been through hell and back. I wanted a new Kona I would accept nothing else, my wife on the other hand did not understand my need to put down $2k for the bike of my dreams. I have been craigslisting and shopping local bike stores for weeks. My boss caught me looking at some bikes we had in at work, he said he had some kind of Kona bike thats been in his basement for years and only ridden a few times. So for a few hundred dollars I ended up with a fresh Kona Blast that he got with a Kona edition Ford focus. Heres the deal, It has a blast sticker and front fork but the frame and other components look like a 1999 Chute. I am curious what Kona and Fords deal was and why Kona would label a Chute with blast sticker, there is a big price difference between the two? I love the bike have put over 100 miles on the bike in the last two weeks no issues what soever. Any one know about this Promo bike?? Thanks