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    Honzo AL DL or Explosif?

    I can't decide on which bike to grab? The Honzo AL DL or the Explosif.
    I'm looking for an aggressive bike, but one that can do long rides and still climb pretty well.

    I've owned both a 29er and a 27.5 in the trail category. I'm sitting at 5'11" and I can't decide if I should do a Large or a Medium and my LBS isn't planning on stocking these anytime soon. I'll have to order sight unseen.

    Any owners or test riders out there that can give me some advice?

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    Both are really great bikes. I just sold my Explosif ti and build a Honzo St. I have ridden the Honzo Al Dl and its a great bike. Go for a large. I would recommend the Honzo right now!

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