Hello, I thought I would post this in the Kona section, though maybe it would be better served somewhere else (let me know).

I recently purchased a 2011 Kona Kahuna frame on Ebay. It came with an FSA/Cane Creek Tapered headset, as well as a 1 1/8" Cane Creek conversion crown race, which looks something like this: Cane Creek 110-CrownRace-52/30

I can see the headset cups installed in the headtube, and the top tube has the bearings cartridge in place.

My question is: if I go with a fork with a straight steerer tube, does the conversion crown race just go onto the bottom of the fork's steerer tube, and thats it? Is there a bearings cartridge that should be on the bottom as well (as was the case with my Giant Revel integrated headset)?

EDIT: also, if I do go with a tapered fork, what would go on the bottom then? Thanks for any advice/info.

I am going to go with a Manitou Tower, unless I find something with a killer deal. I am just unsure of myself because I have never dealt with a tapered headtube before.