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    Buying first Kona trying to decide between a Unit & a Big Unit

    Just went to the lbs trying to buy a 2015 Big Unit frame and they tell me its to late for a 2015 in my size and id probably have to wait till end of summer for a 2016. However they did have a 2014 unit complete bike they would sell me for $875. Then in the meantime I found a shop out of state that still has a 2014 big unit frame for $525. This got me thinking so now Im trying to decide what route to take. Im wanting to build whichever bike I get into a trail/xc bike to do some beginner racing on. Im a clyde at about 230 so thats a factor and I tend to be hard on drivetrains but havent broke a frame yet. This will be my third bike I already have a 2010 gary fisher piranha 26" bike and and a 2008 trek 69er ss. Im wanting 29" bike but will probably keep these two. Which is the stronger frame and is there much of a weight difference? I have my concerns about the strength of the Big Unit but both frames have lifetime warranty's.

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    Big unit is way lighter and a much better climber. I have ridden both but more time on the Big unit and built with better parts. Both fun bikes but The BU is snappier and a little "harsher" That being said I have done big days in the saddle on the Scandium frame. Get a quality seatpost which helped mellow the overall feel for me. I'm 180 so take it for what its worth. Cant go wrong either way. If racing matters get the Biggie...

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    I say go for the Big Unit frame.

    I got a '11 big unit (matte black) and set it up with some good wheels and a rigid carbon fork and it was one fast accelerating bicycle. I'm 220 and I rode my BU pretty rough the first year I had it just figuring out the whole SS rigid thing and didnt have any problems with the bike.

    I believe I got my BU down to ~ 22 lbs. with the carbon fork.

    IMO definitely a good choice if you want to enter into some local racing as it is a good value for the weight.
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    big unit you may want front squish. unit, no need. rode and raced a 13' unit stock after having had ridden/raced a tricked out independent ti 29er ss for years and the cheap stock unit's ride feel and geo blew my expensive indy out of the water.

    the steel unit rides almost too good, for real

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