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    Big Unit questions

    I just bought a used Kona Big Unit frame and I have a few questions.

    1st I need to know what bottom bracket to use on this frame, I know GXP, but is there any differences in the various GXP's offered? And suggestions with links are appreciated.

    2nd I have and F29 straight 1&1/8" fork and want to know which adapter to use. the ones I found say that the outer dimension is 50mm ,but my head tube is larger by a few mm? Suggestions and links again are very welcome

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    What year? I used a cane creek zero stack on my 2011 big unit. The to was 44 I.d. and the bottom was 56 I.d. And used the reducer crown race that came with it. Haven't had any issues with it at all. I'm running the same fork. I use a Chris king out board bb 73mm and have an xt crank. What crank are you looking to run? I'm switching mine to a 1x10. Love the SS I'm just starting to get knee issues and noticed that the SS was a big contributor.

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    You can install any 73mm bottom bracket, depending on what cranks you use.

    The headset uses internal bearings top and bottom, even with a tapered fork. The lower bearing is the same, you just need a different crown race for the straight steerer. Cane Creek makes every possible version you could need. That's what I have in mind.

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    I'm thinking to buy a 2013 Big Unit frame. First, I would use it as geared. The drive side rear dropout supports this or can be used only as a Singlespeed?
    (However, wouldn't be a big problem, will be buinded up as an SS later on)
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