I'm currently trying to decide between a Caldera and a Rocky Mountain Thin Air. The major drawback being there's no way for me to test ride the Caldera before they order it, so I'm basically throwing down a bunch of money based on good Kona karma =)

Has anyone got any thoughts on the Caldera for 2012? It seems there is only one review on mtbr for it. My major concern is that it comes with Avid G3 brakes. The G3 seems to be universally hated (as opposed to the high praise of the G2) Apparently they are incredibly noisy.

Also, the Caldera has the RockShox Recon TK Solo Air (which I'm presuming to be the silver), but the Rocky has the gold version.

So, at least on paper the Rocky seems to be a good bike, but the Kona, well, it is a Kona and I'm sure the frame is amazing =)

Any advice?