• 05-06-2009
    96 or 97 Kona Muni-mula rebuild attempt
    I miss this bike. I want to ride it again. It is a 17inch frame I believe. I have been searching for the specs to help me find the proper size Fork. 1 1/8inch tube about 8in length. But what is the right length for travel and what not so that the bike is at the proper angle. Does any one know what I need to consider when looking for an affordable good fork, or any recommendations for old or new forks. And, how much of the tube do I need to have come past the top of the stem in order to attach a headset.
    Thank you all
  • 05-07-2009
    Ok, let's sort out the date first - if it's silver with blue decals, it's a 96 and if it's red with blue decals it's a 97.

    If it's a size 17 (or 18), the head tube should be 11cms and that means you need a 187mm 1 1/8 steerer (you could get away with a little less, but 187mm is the length that Kona cut them to). That 7.7cm margin is made up of c3cm for the headset stack height, usually 4cm for the stem, c1cm spacers.

    The 96 bike had a Quadra 21R and the 97 an Indy XC. Either way, that means 63mm travel, so probably best not to fit a fork with more than 80mm. Personally I have no doubt that the most suitable fork for it is a 97 or 98 Marzocchi Z2. They have 70mm travel, so the geometry is just about spot on, they're stiff, plush and pretty bomb-proof. They don't cost much on eBay ($50/60?) and unlike similar-age elastomer forks, you should find that they are still working fine and any parts you might need are likely still available.

    The original specifications are on bikepedia - http://www.bikepedia.com/QuickBike/B...Mula&Type=bike


    And finally, just in case you hadn't ever come across it, Muni Mula is aluminum backwards. But don't tell anyone cos it's a secret!
  • 05-07-2009
    WOW! Thank you for that. it is silver, so definitely a 96 and i do remember the yellow Quadra....oh tho old days. This will help a bunch to get started on rounding up what I need. Thanks again. The information is very much appreciated! take care. Any other tips you got? I am all ears. :-)
  • 05-08-2009
    OK, well if you want to do it up, your first question is whether you want to restore or update/upgrade. Iím guessing itís the latter and if so Iíd say there are two areas to look at. Firstly thereís the two clear upgrades that have happened since then, which are brakes and pedals (and maybe tubeless qualifies as a third). Secondly, thereís what kind of bike you want it to be.

    Pedals is obvious, clipless is a huge advance. On brakes, if you still have the Curve OMs, firstly theyíre nothing like as good as Vs, secondly you might find issues about compatibility with your new fork. But donít bin them, there will be a Kona restorer that would like to buy those off you via eBay. The 96 frames made in the second part of the model year came with rear V-cable stops, but if yours is an early 96 frame it will lack this. You can still fit a V-brake though Ė you need to modify the alloy collar (which is just a guide of course) by drilling out the rear part of the hole part through so itís large enough to accept a plastic ferrule and cable outer. Then you can use Vs. The frame wonít take discs, but youíll find Vs plenty more powerful than the Curve cantis.

    The other question is what kind of bike you want it to be. When the 96 Muni Mula came out, it was set up as a head-down cross country racer. By 98, they were speccing them with plusher forks, riser stems and riser bars, which gives much more of an all-round trail bike feel. Thatís the way that bike design has evolved, and I suggested a Bomber Z2 with that in mind. But if you wanted to keep the original race-oriented character, you could consider a period Rockshox SID and retain the flat bar. An SID is a pound lighter than a Z2, but a Z2 steers better and is more maintenance-free.

    Those are the kind of options you might want to think about, and take it from there. Itís a good quality bike and certainly worth updating.
  • 05-11-2009
    Purchased a Fork!
    So I have a 1999 Rock Shox SID coming in the mail.$82 The tube is 9-5/8" long and star nut is there. What should I consider for a head set? Threadless obviously, any recommendations? thanks again.