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Thread: Tire advice

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    Tire advice

    Hey all, i'm currently running 2.5 maxxis minions supertacky on my chilli.

    I love them on the downhills, very grippy, very reliable. However they are of course very heavy and so the climbs are difficult and the single trails aren't as fun. I like fast acceleration and late braking.

    I don't know too much about tires so i'm curious as to the following:
    1. please advise on a tire that can be tubeless without sealant. I got flow ex rims
    2. i'd like it lighter and faster rolling than the current tires but still almost just as much grip on the downhills. I ride on loose stuff, wet rocks, high speed off camber so side grip is important.

    I've ran hans dampf before which is great for all mountain but they don't grip very well...kind of scary.

    So far i'm thinking of 2.35 minions, minions with harder compound and also i've read good stuff on schwalbe big bettys?

    What do you guys think?

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    I would run sealant on any tubeless set up. Regardless of proper UST or Stan's tubeless. You could try Conti Trail Kings in 2.2. I ran the 2.4s. I really like the 2.35 Hans dampf's and ride rocky, rooty often wet terrain but there are a lot of people on this board that don't like them.

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    I recently went from HDs to BBs and gotta say I am very happy. The grip is outstanding. And for me they roll very well.
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    I second the Conti's Trail Kings... running a 2.2 rear and 2.4 front on my Chili. The HD's are a good option as well. I like the Big Betty's but never found them to be a particularly fast tire... but they do offer excellent grip and cornering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calhoun View Post
    I recently went from HDs to BBs and gotta say I am very happy. The grip is outstanding. And for me they roll very well.
    +1 for big bettys. they seem to me to roll every bit as good as ardents but have much grippier rubber. the freeride version has really tough sidewalls.
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    Try the 3c up front and 60a out back if you stay 2.5 2ply. I'm using 2.5 exo 3c dhf out front and high roller 2 exo 60a out back. The difference between the 2 is option 1 is a pound more but offers tremendous grip in the front and great wear out back....pretty good rolling.

    The exos are much more precise and lack the softer dh compound which means slippery on greasy wet rocks ( as I found out this weekend.) but you will save a pound and get a super fast tire combo on damp, dry conditions. The hr2 is a good climbing tire in these conditions.

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