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Thread: Lyric or pike??

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    Lyric or pike??

    Hey all. Just about to start ordering and building up a new carbon warden. I'm super excited. I've never owned a knolly and I can't wait to join the Knolly Nation!!

    So I am going RS for my fork. Just wondering if you would go pike or lyric?

    I'm not a big drop/huck guy. Like to ride fast and flows. Anything over 4 feet I'm walking around lol. Love rock gardens and technical sections.

    I'm a bigger guy....210 with gear.



    Ps. I'm pretty set on RS for this build so......ya...

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    I'm 200lbs with gear and ride a Pike. It's more than enough fork for anything I ride in Coastal BC. I have a Fox 36 on my other bike, which is burlier than the Pike and equivalent to Lyric. I really don't notice anything lacking in the Pike as I switch back and forth.
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    Hi TheClash!

    Our recommendation for the Warden Carbon frame would be to go with the Lyric on this bike over the Pike. While the Pike is certainly a very capable fork as Vikb states (and one we rode extensively in 2014 and 2015 before the new Lyric was available) there is very little reason when purchasing a fork not to choose the Lyric given the substantially stouter chassis and minimal weight penalty. This will only become more obvious as rider weight increases (I'm 220# myself).

    Both forks are great but Knolly's opinion is that the Lyric is the go to fork for the Warden and the Pike is the go to fork for the Endorphin. There will be exceptions of course, but given your weight and that this will be a new fork purchase a Lyric would make the most sense.

    Noel Buckley

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