In Chilebration of 1 year of incredible riding, I added new tires and brake calipers as a happy birthday gesture to Knolly and me.

The Minion DHF EXO 2.5's served me well but needed changing. I decided to switch back to the German made Continental tires with Black Chili compound and ProTection sidewalls. The Mountain King II 2.4's are slightly wider and taller with a more rounded profile than the 3C Minions. Measured 2.3+ inches on my manual caliper. The MK mounted tubeless on Flows with rim tape and Stan's sealant with relative ease using a small garage air compressor. Both tires popped into place and sealed almost immediately. I mounted the tires Saturday morning and rode them with confidence at 26 psi later that afternoon.

Over the last year, my Chilcotin made me a better rider. I was originally pleased with the XO brake performance. However, as I began to push the Chilcotin and me, I found myself looking for more braking power to handle my 225 lb geared-up riding weight and more aggressive riding. On a trip to Mammoth last Labor Day, I was glad I also racked my DT for the trip as the XO brakes faded on the longer runs.

The new Avid XO Trails was what I was originally looking for but I thought overpriced. Instead, I found an eBay deal on a pair of replacement 2011 Code calipers... both, new in box delivered to me for less than $100. Jumped at that bargain immediately. I liked and kept the XO levers. The modified XO/Code brake system has excellent feel and more than enough stopping power.

Yesterday was my first ride on the new setup. Only one data point but I am very pleased with the traction, cornering and stability of the Conti MK II's. I didn't really push the brakes on yesterday's trail ride but I am very pleased with the feel and knowing that there is plenty of additional stopping power when needed.

Mountain King II's 2.4
Happy Birthday! My Chilcotin is 1 Year Old today...-mk-ii-2.4.jpg

Happy Birthday! My Chilcotin is 1 Year Old today...-caliper-1.jpg

Measured 2.32 in at 26 psi
Happy Birthday! My Chilcotin is 1 Year Old today...-caliper-2.jpg

Happy Birthday! My Chilcotin is 1 Year Old today...-code.jpg

Happy Birthday! My Chilcotin is 1 Year Old today...-xo.jpg