• 04-10-2014
    The main difference I see is that the 2014 chart is for the CCDB shock with the Climb Switch. For this shock, it looks like the LSC and LSR were made more plush, probably because one can activate the climb switch when pedalling uphill.
  • 04-11-2014
    ^^ What F-Bomb said. You need less LSC and LSR with the CS, as you can flip the switch to firm it up. The idea is to keep it nice and plush on the flats and downs, and firm it up with the switch on the climbs!
  • 04-13-2014
    Thanks for clearing that up fellas. Now I see and understand the difference.
  • 04-30-2014
    My Chilcotin is from (probably) the first production run and my CCDB air setup is like:

    120 PSI (for my ~165 lbs) -> SAG 20mm
    0 HSC (was 0.5)
    10 LCS (was 15)
    15 LSR
    1.5 HSR

    Even though I set HSC to 0, I still miss 10mm of travel in my everyday rides. Last winter I had my shock serviced in Flat-Out Suspension in Germany. I'm pretty sure the inner air can was replaced as it was the very first version.
    I read last 4 pages of this thread and I was suprised there were other people with the same problem. I'm not really sure what are the options to solve it - should I get XV can?
  • 04-30-2014
    I would make sure that Flat-Out Suspension replaced the inner sleeve with the "High Flow" version.
  • 10-07-2015
    Have set up the db air with the base tune from CC. Ride mostly steep, technical terrain where speed is quite slow. What settings can I tune to get even more traction?