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    Why no KHS love?

    Im having a hard time finding any reviews, videos etc.... On KHS bikes!
    The local BS is going to give me a killer deal on a 2013 5500 but im having a hard time dropping the coin due to lack of information.
    I need a bike that will rip down hill but still kill it on the climbs. Is this the bike? I don't know!

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    I agree. My LBS has them and they look nice. I really like the guy and would love to get a bike from him. How is KHS?

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    my dilemma is the shop is too small to carry any inventory so I cant even test ride one, im just going by what he is telling me and a good price.

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    I have a few KHS bikes I built from the frame up, they seem to be fine by me. I believe they may be "catalogue frames" but no issue on my end. I am riding an 09' XCT 525 (not a thing stock on it though) and it feels just as good if not better in some situations as my Jamis bikes.

    Here it is as of now:

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    For what it is worth, I bought a 1992 KHS Montana Summit brand new in 1993 (last year's bike) as my first mountain bike. I still have it as an around-town / hybrid bike. After thousands of miles and 1 car-bike accident, the frame has held together great, and maybe 1/2 the components are original. The geometry is nearly identical to my Ritchey Ultra, which was a $1600 bike in 1987. I paid a little under $400 for the Montana (again, in 1993 as last-year's model).

    I think they put together a quality bike for the money. I plan to consider another new KHS when I buy my next bike.
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