• 02-22-2013
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    NEW 2013 KHS DH bikes arriving soon!!
    Very excited about the updated and upgraded dh300 and dh150 bikes....

    no more marzocchi welcome fox and rock shox!

    I raced the dh300 2012 bike and was impressed with the value and suspension. BB fast suspension design was very smooth.
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  • 03-05-2013
    Fox and rock shox, excellent, how did it handle? What do you think the price range will be?
  • 03-05-2013
    Any details on the new rear suspension?
  • 03-08-2013
    I rode the 2012 all year with fox rc4 kashima shox...very smooth. I had to adjust rebound slower than normal to keep "bucking jumps" but very smooth..

    check prices on their site
  • 07-06-2013
    Great Value got my DH300 with full Zee and Rock Shox (DH 150) for $1995 AUD