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    Parker with a 7.5" x 2.0" shock?

    Anyone know if a you can run a 7.5"x 2.0" shock on a Parker?

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    hard to tell from pics of the frame. take your stock shock and let the air out till its 7.5" i2i. then (with the wheel/tire on) compress the shock 2 more inches to simulate full travel. if nothing touches it is fine...but im guessing the tire will hit the seat tube.

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    7.875" x 2" when fully compressed is 5.875" I2I
    7.5" x 2" when fully compressed in 5.5" I2I

    I think you gotta measure the clearance with fully compressed I2I length to see if you'll run into problems.

    Read a post here somewhere that you can do it by taking a PVC pipe, then drill two holes with 5.5" apart, then replace it with your shock for measurements/clearance checking.

    Or you can check around if anybody's running a 7.875" x 2.25" shock to see if they have any problems with it.

    Another point to note would be the HTA will be slacker and your BB will sit lower.

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