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    Some questions on 7point3

    I just bought a used 2007, 7point3 and would like to get some weight off, I'm not really sure how the 19.5kg is reached (I guess this weight was based on size "M"?). As I read the frame should have 4.5kg including the integrated zero stack (90g) so 18kg final result should be doable I hope/think....

    I'm weighting 145lb, so parts don't have to be superstrong even if I'll abuse the bike badly....

    Does someone know a bit more about the weight of the following components as included by default:
    a)Marzocchi Super T RV (I guessed it being 3400grams)?? (I get a bike with Marzocchi 66 ETA 180mm instead, which should save around 500 grams I'm guessing).

    b)Fox Vanila R Coil 2.75x2.25 with 300lb spring (is 540g about correct??)

    c)Funn 318 handlebar (I guessed 300g)
    d) Maxxis Minion 2.5 (now have they been sold with double ply or single ply freeride version???) - This is the main question for me, cause it makes about 1kg difference.
    What was the weight of the standard tubes (250g a piece, less/more???).

    My goal is to bring the bike down to about 18kg without spending much money. Tires are already 2.5 Minion DHF singleply, I'll through in some Schwalbe 130g tubes or alternatively Michelin Latex 130g to bring weight down - never seen a need for DH tubes. Afterwards the Sram 950 casette is weighting 450g, so easy exchange against a Shimano XT which weighs about 270g (11-34). I will use the bike mainly for shuttling as I keep my 5" trailbike for longer tours, but there will be some days with 10k foot uphills for sure as well - so it needs to pedal uphill reasonably...
    Cranks though heavy stay, cause too expensive to exchange.

    Other non really weight saving changes
    Currently there is a Race Face Evolve 315g stem installed, I'll probably exchange this against something cheap in the 150g range (50mm, 10). I don't think I'll really notice a difference here.
    Also the pedals will be exchanged for some light Wellgos (380g, that's nearly halve of the OEM Wellgo B66 coming in at 708g).
    Also I'll probably change the shifters for X9 (not as it will save more than 40-50g, but I think I'll soon get annoyed with SX5 performance) and maybe exchange the x7 rear deraileur with a x9 shortcage.

    The avid juicy3 will probably get exchanged as well, though the replacement (a Shimano Saint 810) will rather come 100grams heavier, but as I already cannot ride my XC/allmountain without Saints and 203/180 discs, I do imagine the Juicys will cause too much frustration. (that's the only expensive exchange I'm looking at).

    Are this changes enough to get the weight down to 18kg / 39.6lbs????

    Weighting 145lbs, will I need a softer spring, or will the 300lbs spring in the Vanila R do fine? I'm not even sure where I could find a 275 or 250 lbs spring, everywhere they seem to start at 300lbs so that would not be easy anyhow (I'm living in Europe, so US delivery for a spring should only be the last option...).
    Thanks if some 7point owners can just help me out here a bit.
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    Just answering some questions myself.
    a) the Super T weighed officially 3300g. So my 66 only saves 350g...
    d) delivered with 2-ply Minions (so around 2.66kg for the tires) -- no clue what kind of tubes they were weighed with.

    And official weight 2007 was 18.88kg (that's if you take the measurement in 41.6lbs, dunno how they could think that it was 18.7kg in kilos...).

    According to my calc sheet, I will get the weight down to hopefully 17kg or 37.5lbs. That sounds pretty good for enduro touring (this is after exchanging pedals, fork, casette, shifters, rear derailleur and stem - but already with heavy Saint brakes and single ply 2.5" tires...). I could probably shave off another 400g by going for lighter cranks, but that would be friggin expensive. If one then puts on enduro wheels, like quite a few freeriders do, weight could reach 16kg without buying superexpensive (meaning carbon) parts.

    I'm still clueless whether I will need a 250lbs spring or not (that would save another 50grams - yehaa).

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