I'm doing some research for a friend and am looking to get some general recommendations between a Sinister and a Warrior.

Both bikes are available online for similar prices.

The Sinister is $619.00 Sinister

The Warrior is $689.00 Warrior

To me it look like the Sinister is an older frame design with a coil shock and the Warrior is a slightly newer frame design and uses an air shock for the rear. However the Sinister appears to have a slightly better component selection.

The rider is 40 y/o, 6'1", 225 and we are primarily road bike riders who hope to do about 1 MTB ride a month. The rides will mostly be in the Williamsburg, VA area and are what I would think be best described as "single track". Some rolling elevation changes but no major climbs or descents.

Comfort is the main priority. His only riding has been on a very old POS rigid and after trying a friends hard tail and my K2 Evo he is wanting a FS even though we know that a hard tail would be better/faster.

The question

Which bike would be better?