• 10-29-2012
    she'll always have a place in my heart
    well, after reading these forums a week or so ago and reading about all the cracked swing arms on mkIII's, i checked the rear triangle of my 2006 mkIII, and sure enough found a crack. I loved this bike and i thought it would last forever! i felt like i had been dumped by a girlfriend of 6 years! so, after being pissed off for a couple of days, i decided i had to get back out there and see other people...bikes. after all, i am a man and i have needs :D

    The crack:

    The old girl:

    The new girl:
  • 10-29-2012
    Sorry to hear it. I have an 07 MkIII - it is an awesome bike, but I know eventually I'll have to buy another frame... or source another rear...
  • 01-26-2013
    I feel your pain, man. I still miss mine (`07). I'm on a Turner 5 spot, and while the frame is a whole heck of a lot stiffer and better built, I actually think the implementation of the DW Link is better on the MKIII.
  • 01-28-2013
    Get it welded. Find someone local that repairs motorbike frames and alloy wheels, they'll know how to do it + heat treatment to get it back to strength. Respray or go raw and enjoy.

    *assuming you can't locate a replacement rear!