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    Old Horse...Still Kicking...

    Hey all, just bought a new Airborne Seeker HT, but still have my old 98 G-out sitting in the garage. It was my first mtb way back in high school. It's got some miles on it but still rides well. Only upgrades I've done to it is a used Manitou Mars 1 fork and FSA headset i put on it a few years back while in college. It's pretty outdated, but still seems worth keeping a FS in the stable as it can't be worth parting out or selling...

    Is it worth upgrading anything? any servicing I should do? Honestly, when I bought it, I knew very little about the bike or mountain biking in general. It has been a very reliable, sturdy bike over the years.

    any thoughts??

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    I must have been one of the few who bought one....there's next to nothing on the internet about this bike...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Optimus View Post
    There's some strange folk out there 'bouts. They have no sense of humor.

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    I now ride this bike, thanks Collk!

    upgrades to come this spring!

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