Hi guys!

I'm having this noise at the bottom bracket area that I can't find how to get rid of it. It sounds mostly when I stand up to pedal and when the pedal is in its lower position (like 6:00pm in a clock).

I removed each chainring bolt from the crankset, cleaned and lubricated both the area and the bolts, check each pivot bolt tension, and the noise continue. The only thing that I haven't done is remove the bottom bracket. It's currently as it came from the factory. I didn't remove the pivot bolts, just checked for loosen ones.

Also have a "click" sound but it is impredictable and seems to came from the handlebar. For that, I also completely remove handlebar, stem, headset, bearings, clean and lubricated everything and the noise conitnue. This one is smaller and I think I can deal with it but not with hte "crunch" sound comming from the bottom bracket area.

Please help!!


Yauco, PR