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    How does the diff of 2 cm feel?

    I built up a MKIII 06 with an 50mm Easton Havoc Stem and a Pike fork. I use it for trails and All Mountain style riding and it works just fine.
    Lately I have been doing alot more climbing and some XC and got to thinking about Thomson Elite 70 mm stem. I figure it would better suit the days I go climbing.
    So I gotta ask.... would it be worth getting a new stem? Is there a big difference in feel and handling?

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    20mm can be a considerable difference... I have an 80 and 100mm stems for my 575...and while the 80 is a lot of fun going down... the climbing does suffer.... maybe you can borrow one from a buddy or favorite shop before committing to getting the 70mm Thomson

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    I went from a 50 to a 70 and have not looked back. The 70 puts me in a way better position for the climbs, but is still short enough to attack the downs.
    Go for the 70 I think it is the best of both worlds.


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    I tried a 90, 70 but settled on a 65mm stem ) feels perfect for me

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    I went from the stock 100mm to a 60mm. Much better on steep slow technical descents.

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    Bah, shorter is better. I think it's easier to lean a little further forward over the bars on climbs than it is to get in the attack position for dh with a longer stem.
    The question is - what do you enjoy more - climbing or descending? Which would you rather compromise?
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