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    Hollowpoint, or wait for MK111?

    Hey, I saw the pics of the new Mk3, are they the same concept as the hollowpoint? Ive been riding a haro XLS, i heard it was a great ride, feels good, but I miss my hollowpoint, and will most likley be building one up over the winter. Or should I wait until the 2005's come out? also, would anyone know how much the mid level Mk3 is going to run me?

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    The Mk III Expert will be approx $2700.

    -ska todd

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    If you can afford it and have the patience to wait, I would get the MK111. The frame design should eliminate some the chain suck that happens on the Hollowpoints.

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    So the expert will be 1999 in Supergo/other mail order places money, I'm guessing (or is that 1998.85).

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    do they really knock that much off the MSRP? I estimated a few weeks ago that it would be about 2200 at supergo.

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