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    hollowpoint expert & team...pros & cons

    looking @ hollowpoint expert & team...want feedback...what do you think of them? thanks

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    help..anyone there...

    Quote Originally Posted by HELLBOY
    looking @ hollowpoint expert & team...want feedback...what do you think of them? thanks
    any thoughts...from anyone...

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    Quote Originally Posted by HELLBOY
    looking @ hollowpoint expert & team...want feedback...what do you think of them? thanks
    You looking for a comparison between the two of them, or just the Hollowpoint frame in general? Any specific feedback you're looking for?

    When I bought my Expert frame in '03 I priced out the included components since I was going to be swapping on a bunch of stuff I already had, and the Expert at $1600 was definitely the better deal. With the '04 bikes and the RL versions, I'm not sure if that still holds true. But in any case, you're getting the same frame with any of the Hollowpoint bikes.

    The '04 frames have some nice (and real) improvements in tire rear tire clearance, rear end stiffness and good looks over my '03, but the function of the suspension is pretty much unchanged and it's great. It's a natural climber without the SPV technology (I've got a Cane Creek AD12 on mine), rock solid on standing climbs, and you'd never guess you have all that travel underneath you until you hit something with it. It's very compliant from the smallest to the largest, but I wouldn't describe it as a "big hit" bike -- it's more towards the XC spectrum than freeride, definitely an all-mountain trailbike that's been on the XC podium a few times.

    The biggest niggle with the dw-link (now that the tire clearance issue is no more) is that the rear suspension setup needs to be pretty much spot on, otherwise it rides heavy. This also means you can't air it up a little for a road ride. This doesn't bother me since it rides so nice, but it means if you're not particular with your rear shock maintenance and/or lose a little pressure between rides, you've got something to pay attention to.

    My '03 frame has a small but detectable amount of side flex underneath my 200 pounds, mainly when I'm crawling up the side of a rut or trough. The '04 frames have some extra bits to stiffen this up, but I'm not sure to what degree. This really isn't a complaint, though, as the frame stays solid under climbing and in practically every other situation I can imagine. I've had zero problems with pivots and the bike hasn't required any pivot maintenance.

    Heavier riders 220+ might bump up against air shock pressure limits. That was my take from playing with Fox and Cane Creek shocks on this bike with the 5" linkage; I'm not sure if its the same for the current Swinger and 5th air shocks and the (lower compression ratio) 4.5" links. The 3.75" travel mode is a way for a heavier rider to deal with this limit.

    The Iron Horse customer service has been great. Todd maintains a presence on this and other boards, Dave the suspension guy pops in from time to time and spends time on HCOR and both are quick to answer emails. From the sounds of it their waranty process is pretty quick and friendly (I got some free linkages and a T-shirt from 'em but I haven't had any warranty problems to complain about).

    If you get a chance, demo one. I think you'll be impressed.

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