i'm new here and looking to step up to a FS bike from a old trek 930. I see that there is an '06 hollowpoint MKIII that has great reviews and then there is the new 07 MKIII comp.

i couldnt find any specs on the 06 hollowpoint comp. only the sport model.

besides the 1lb difference, and have 6" travel up front is there anything else. I know that there are many options. another member posted that if the budget is not there, i can buy the sport and then upgrade as things go bad or as needed.

what is everyone's opinion on this. This will be my first FS bike. I like jumps and drops which i skip alot due to the bike that i have. I ride in southern cali on fire roads and trails.

all opinions are greatly valued. Today i test rode a Specialized XC fsr and a trek fuel 6 i a parking lot which doesnt tell me much.