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    6 point 8 frame headtube size


    Does anyone know off the top of their head what the headtube size is for a 6 point 8 frame?

    Is it the 44mm zerostack headtube or a true 1.5 headtube?

    If it is the 44mm headtube, does anyone know how far they machined down the 44mm inside diameter? I plan on using a nukeproof 44mm headset w/ two external cups to run a 1.5" fork in the frame. I think the cups need 15-20mm of space to be pressed in.

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    44mm and cups are 10mm deep. 6 Point has such a steep HTA tho I would look at Works angle sets for 1 1/8 steerer if I were you.

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    Going to be running a nukeproof headset that runs a 1.5 headtube w/ 44mm external cups. I think they need 14.8mm of depth into the headtube. I guess if the headtube only has it milled down to 10mm, I will run the headset cups through a lathe to get the correct depth.

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