I've kicked around too long trying to decide between a 6. or 7. frame from the RS close out and now there are no more 19" frames left. I was able to try out a 19" 7. and it fit OK but I think I would have been perfect on a 17" which hasn't been available since I even was looking.

Question I have is based on the geometry charts:

6 point - 17" frames available

7 point - only 15" frames left

According to their charts, I would be at the top end but OK on a 17" 6 point which is available but a 15" 7 point has a 1/2" longer ETT. I was leaning to the 7 point but now am confused by what seems to be conflicting sizing recommendations.

My current ride specs out with a 23" ETT

Can anyone enlighten me as to what I'm missing?[/