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Thread: Weight Balance

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    Weight Balance

    I have been very intrigued by using a Rohloff system to simplify the gears and reduce the dreaded chain-suck in wet conditions. However, someone warned me about weight balance issues for the bike. He mentioned that most of the weight is now concentrated in the rear, so making it harder to ride over obstacles, or unweighing of the rear. Has anyone else experience this? Is this something that destroyes a ride, or is it something that just takes getting used to? Any wisdom? Thanks.

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    You feel it picking up the bike, not riding. I just bunny hopped a log yesterday, it felt just like my 26er geared bike. The front does feel easy to pick up though; maybe because I'm running a 2 lb rigid fork.

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    I doubt that the people that told you that have ridden a Rohloffed bike. I only notice the weight (~1.5 extra pounds) putting it on my bike rack. On the trail, I don't notice it at all.

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