I thought it would be usefull to share this quick Q&A I had with Sturmey-Archer:

Thanks for the heads up ! I never came across the SX-RK3 (170mm 3 speed hub), that good news, too bad any e-sellers don't have them in Canada, I'll keep looking.

You can have one of your local shops place an order through a US distributor if you are interested in the SX-RK3. BTI, J & B, and United Bicycle Supply all carry this hub.

So I've got some new questions:

- Do you plan to extend your 170mm hubs to other models (drum brakes, 5 or 8 speeds) ? I know there isn't a lot of people using 170mm spaced hubs but your only competitor in IGH in this size is Rohloff wich won't be for everyone given the price.

Currently we have no other plans.

- Do you plan to make 32 holes hubs ? I personally think it's a shame that MTB and road bike never agreed on one standard regarding spoke #. If not I'll try to see if I can convert 32 holes rim to 36.

Currently 36 hole is all that is available. No plans for 32 hole as we have not really had any requests for 32 hole in this particular hub.

- Are you planing on making new enhancement to current hubs (lighter, more gears) ?

We are always looking at new ways to innovate on our existing products and to create new products. Lighter hubs is not really possible with planetary gear systems. We are planning on debuting a revised 8 speed hub that will be more in line with our new C50 Rotary 5 speed hubs. The focus will be more on the hub being able to handle more torque and be semi-load shiftable, primarily for use on E-bikes.