spend my money for me!

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  • 11-05-2012
    spend my money for me!
    Disclaimer: I do not know squat about internal geared hubs...but i think i want one.

    What bike is it going on:
    2013 Giant Trance X (was going to SS it, but decided i would like 3 gears so i am walking less.

    What i want out of it:
    Durable (withstand mountain biking, AM type riding)
    Prefer 3 speeds, more is ok, 3 or 5 would be perfect.
    Prefer not to have grip shift, but if it does no big deal.

    What i dont care about:
    Noise, so what if i hear it working.

    I would like it to be affordable, but dont know what im looking to meet my needs, so price whatever.

    What should i get?
  • 11-18-2012

    I've used an Alfine 8 for years in a fatbike [Surly Pugsley] for snow/sand riding, bikepacking and mountain biking. You can get trigger or gripshits for it. They aren't too pricey.

    I've run 32T x 23T gearing on the A8.

    You'll need to run a chain tensioner. I've used two of the Rohloff tensioners and they are working well.
  • 12-13-2012
    I've got a nexus SG-3D55 on a commuter currently and looking at putting one on my hardtail (Virsa Prestege frame with RS Pikes and Mavic EN521's) that currently has and alfine8 on it. The alfine8 is ok but I was looking to replace it with to have some weight and still have a bit of a bail out gear for hill and something to stop me spinning out on the flats.

    references I've found are

    smokey Z's one one this forum and

    (add an 'h' at the start to get it to work)
  • 12-13-2012
    IMO the biggest issue I had with 3sp hubs is they're basically like shifting chainrings rather than shifting gears. I heard that there was a narrow range 5sp Sturmey Archer hub that is perfect for the, "a SS is damn close to what I need" uses but never tracked down what the model was. Those wiser than I may know what it was called.

    The only non-grip shift shifter I know of is the JTek bar end shifter, but that's more for road applications.
    Jtek Bar-end Shifter

    IMO best bang for buck is the Alfine 8. Minimalist... I've had good luck with the Nexus 3sp, seemed pretty strong provided I wasn't shifting under load. Money is plentiful... Rohloff :).