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    Rohloff internal shifter setup problems - please help!!!

    I recently acquired a used Rohloff wheel with a non-disc hub. It does not have the EX box, but instead uses the internal shifting mechanism. It is fitted to an 18" Surly Troll frameset, and I have been having difficulty getting all the gears to work; currently top gear is missing.

    This is what has happened so far:
    1. I read the manual(!), and followed all the steps precisely. (NB: Although I hadn't worked on a Rohloff before I have had professional bike mechanic experience, so was expecting things to be straightforward.)
    2. All gear cables were replaced, including the hub cable, plus all new casings fitted.
    3. The instructions - while generally excellent - fell down exactly where they were the most crucial for me on points #9 (p. 77) & #10 (p. 78), which IMHO are confusingly written. It didn't help that the red dot referred to in #10 has worn off or was never there...
    4. Before the shifter was connected, pulling the hub cables resulted in all 14 gears functioning, i.e., there were 13 gear shifts.
    5. After the cables were cut to length and the shifter was connected (by following the instructions to the best of my ability to understand them) only 12 gears worked
    6. The shifter was disconnected and shifting at the hub checked, then the rearmost shifter cable shortened sightly. After a bit of fiddling 13 gears now worked, but there was very little slack in the system, and no sign that it would be possible to shift into gear #14. Playing with the barrel adjusters did nothing useful.
    7. I have not yet flushed and re-oiled the hub, but this will be done at some point - though how this would affect shifting is beyond me.
    8. Due to the unusual Troll dropouts, the seatstays don't lie on the normal line and so the cable guide on the brake post does not line up as well as it should. This might add a bit of extra friction(?), but I cannot see any easy way to fix this without making new parts.

    I'd prefer not to start from scratch or proceed by trial and error. Surely there must be a sensible way to get things to work - at least I'd hope so! The casings are still quite long as I haven't finished setting up position or routing cables around bags yet, so can be trimmed further if the inner cables actually need to be "longer."

    This has been an extremely frustrating process so far, and I have been having warm and fuzzy thoughts about derailleurs. (And EX boxes.)

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    I've the external mech and I got a friend with Hoff experience to set it up.
    Mine needed to be done twice for the same issue as you and trimming the outer sorted the problem. He'd forgotten to allow for some movement in the adjusters. I remember there was a pretty exact measurement to make the outers give the inners enough throw.
    Frustrating for you I'm sure - I hated just watching it being done although I think now I'm in a better position to have a crack myself (with the external mech).
    Best of luck with it.

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    Hmmmm. I'm hoping that once it's sorted out things will be okay but so far it's been very tedious and brain-damage-inducing, and it's hard to see how/what is going to make things work. Derailleurs are way easier to wrap one's head around. I bought one of the two "special cable measuring tools" but not the other - not that how to use the other one is explained anywhere I remember...

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