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    Rohloff 142 x 12

    Anyone hear anything from Rohloff in regards to supporting the 142 x 12 standard...

    I dont think they will ever get the axle in there but some kind of axle plate adapter kit that uses a custom 9mm skewer is what I was thinking....

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    I had a big reply but deleted it.
    There's a few ways I could think of doing it, but none are ideal, and all add parts and complexity, increase wheel change time, and decrease stiffness.

    Still though, if you have access to a lathe, it can be done I'm sure.

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    I agree with you that at present the only way to work it would be to use a QR Rohloff with a longer skewer and some spacers; and I'd bet a 135 bolt-on Rohloff would be stronger/stiffer than the 142 QR with spacers.

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    There are longer Threaded OEM disk side plate:

    Don't know for the drive side. Would make a strange chain line ....
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    With the arrival of the gates drive capable ibis tranny 29 (and others) this is getting more and more interesting...

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