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    Review of Sram Automatix2

    I built a wheel up with this hub for commuting, and possible gravel grinding. I did not see any reviews for it on mtbr, so I thought i would post this.

    I purchased the non-coaster brake version and laced it to 36H dyad rims. The hub works with a mechanical clutch mechanism that automatically shifts at a present speed. It is not a "kickback" hub

    The good: The hub is fairly quiet. Shifting is smooth--very smooth--- and big "clunk" between shifts. a Very natural shift. Weight is not so bad for an IGH

    Cons: The biggest problem with this hub is that the preset shifting point is set WAAAAAY to low. I have taken to calling this a "stoplight assist" hub. It seems to shift at around 7 mph consistently.....just a couple of revolutions after coming from a stop. With this shift point, the hub is useless imho and only saves you the need for standing up when starting out. With such an insanely low shift point, the hub is a boat anchor. It offers no assistance on hills unless you drop your speed below 7 mph, which is hardly ever.

    I think this could be a great hub if the shift point was adjusted to shift at 12mph. Supposedly there is a way to do this by disassembling the hub and bending one of the springs to a more open angle.

    I guess you pays your money and takes your chances. I had high hopes for this hub, but am very disappointed. I am going to try and swap out for a bigger cog in back--maybe that will make a difference. Otherwise this may be for sale. If you re-adjust the shift point, this should be a very god hub for commuting. It was high reviews on amazon.
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    Update: I successfully adjusted the shift point and lowered my gearing (38x19) so that it shifts closer to 10mph. It is much more useful now for commuting. The only downside so far is that if you want the low gear to climb a hill you have to decelerate before the hill or pause when climbing to get it to change.

    I was planning on using the Automatix on a gravel grinder, but since it is not sealed, I think i will just HTFU and ride singlespeed.
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    Old thread, but you saw this, right?

    SRAM Automatix two speed hub review ? Dave McCraw


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