I've been using a Ritchey Logic Compact crank to operate my Rohloff hub. With the chainring on the outside position and a 109 mm bottom bracket spindle it matches the chain line of the Rohloff. The Q-factor for this crank is ~154 mm, acceptable but not as low as I would like (and my frame can a pretty narrow Q-factor crank). I am hoping that someone knows of a setup that would decrease the Q-factor -- say a compact road crank? -- but which still allows the chainring to be positioned for the 54 mm chainline. The frame uses an EBB for chain tensioning, so there's a bit of side-to-side adjustment available there. Finally, I note that I have had some issues with binding of bb bearings by the eccentric (Bushenell) when tightening things down, so moving to external bearings might help.