So i passed an article in a bike mag the other night about internal gearing. And I got all excited about building / modifying a bike to include a geared-hub.

I did do some research on roadbikereview and YouTube and via Sheldon Brown (Sturmey-Archer Bicycle Hub Page) but there are so many to choose from and so much information out there.

Then I found the IGH forum. Awesome! I appreciate that some riders have already tested the hubs on the trails and reviewed with praise and criticism.

Trying to decide whether to convert my ridley SS cx, or tsunami SS HT (chucksbikes), or my TST Ti roadie. Then decide whether i want S2 vs. S3, or 32H vs. 36H, or coaster vs. no coaster ... ugh, too many options

I really want a super simple setup for the SS HT, but seems the 2-sp hubs don't hold up on the trail b/c of the design of the spline. So I'm leaning towards a $75 investment for an S2 coaster hub and putting it on the Ti bike with stoker brake hoods. Not even one cable! Amazing

Any comments so far? What should i look for and what should i stay away from?

I found a forum post on RBR with a link to Are they fair prices?